Why Hire a Technical Recruiter?

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Solution39 technical recruiters are experts in sourcing your technology workforce, top technical talent is always a top priority for human resources (H.R.). Why can’t the HR Rep. find these programmers and software engineers? The answer is they probably do not speak their language (technology). No, they do not speak code in binary digits. They speak technology and only technical professionals can have an educated discussion. In order to determine how effective a programmer is, or whether or not they are the right fit for each placement is determined by what technology platforms are being used.

Are you on a Microsoft .Net development platform or are you on the more likely Unix / Linux software development platform? What type of programmer works on which platform? Does the company need Database Administrators? If so, the technology platform and the database software makes all the difference when hiring these very expensive technical professionals. It is the subtle nuances that only someone who speaks the language can pick up on.

No matter the industry, finding the right technical people is always a challenge for any technical recruiter. Each tech company will make use of a technology platform to develop proprietary technology that then becomes very secretive and very competitive. Everyone wants to start up the next HUGE successful software company or DotCom. Only the brightest tech professionals can achieve anything like lasting success.

At Solution39 we are technical professionals!

S39 consists of technology professionals skilled in programming, eCommerce, web development, SEO, Cyber-Security, and information technology networking. We have a unique ability to communicate with technology professionals who are passionate about working with technology such as pHp, JAVA, SQL, C++, object oriented programming, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Mobile App Development, Game Development, and other technologies used to create the next big tech company.

We make hiring top technical talent so much easier. We cut thru all red tape and pin-point the very best candidates so you will never be disappointed with a tech placement. Our passion is your goal >> to cut down the hiring time and create long-term technical recruiting opportunities.

Solution39.com is YOUR in-house Technical Recruiter.

An in-house technical recruiter works to source candidates for open positions at technology companies. We can lend specific technical knowledge to facilitate the hiring process. We have what it takes to make better hires. Stop wasting time with programmers or tech professionals who are not the right fit for your company.

As highly specialized technical recruiters, we are extremely important to helping your company find the most talented people and recruit them to become part of your team. There exists a global shortage of programmers and software engineers. This trend has accelerated over the past several years.

The technology age requires the best technical recruiters to attract the best technical talent.

Please contact Solution39.com for more information on how we would like to partner with your company to hire the very best technical professionals.  If your tech recruiter cannot answer the following questions, “what  is secure socket layer?” or “what is the difference between an applet and a servlet in JAVA coding?”, then get rid of them. They do not know how to properly screen a programmer.  It takes a programmer to understand a programmer, that is the key to our success.


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