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As web developers, software engineers and systems analysts at Solution39

We come together for one common goal of developing the ultimate online technology strategy for our customers.  Sometimes after solving a challenging Information Technology problem in just 25 minutes, the client sees a bill for $2,500.00 so the client responds, hey “that was easy, you should not be charging me so much!”

What the client fails to understand, the tech consultant must translate from geek to English on the fly.  “The 10-year-old router you are using to maintain your network is designed for home use and has very low bandwidth and no built-in security.  I happened to have a CISCO business class router with built-in firewall technology in my truck.  I installed it without making hardly any profit on the new router, and billed you $100.00 for my services.  I am not making 2,500.00 in 25 minutes.”

This is the classic example of the armchair warrior who wants to quarterback and coach the NFL football team from his living room.  It only looks easy to those watching because of years and years of practice.  Thousands of dollars are spent by a tech each year to upgrade their skills and knowledge.  The average software engineer, or web developer or information technology professional must go on a continuous learning journey that never stops.  Upgrades and changes in technology are constant and learning never stops for IT professionals.  Some IT professionals make solving IT problems easy, this should never imply that it is easy.

At Solution39 we are not just web designers who make awesome looking front ends for our websites, we are also web developers who program (write code for) the back-end of our websites.

Our programmers and web designers create beautifully stunning websites.  Do you have a custom back-end in need of design?  We have designed custom front-end and custom back-end websites for Educational online platforms that deliver online test questions, answers and grading.  Each student signs up to website as a member (customer).  When a student logs in they are presented with specific tests based on what they purchased on the website.

We also develop awesome websites for nonprofits seeking to raise financial donations using a website.  Nonprofit websites not only charge a fee for membership, but also have options for donations, t-shirt purchases, petitions, etc.  Nonprofits of today cannot exist without a very competitive web presence that makes full use of Social Media Networking and website blog content. This creates a constant flow of website traffic.  Website traffic can be converted into sales with the right technology strategy.

Then after we establish an incredible online presence geared for growth, brand marketing and Social Media Networking, it is time to do the very hard work of SEO.  If your website is e-commerce enabled, but not performing up to expectations, then give us a call.  We can help develop your Technology Strategy for Search Engine Optimization.  We use a unique combination of backlinks, blogs, social media marketing, email marketing and sales conversion techniques using Rich Snippets for enhance search results.  J-SON LD and make Rich Snippets a very powerful marketing edge.

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization.

No website seeking growth can ignore an aggressive SEO technology strategy as being the single most important aspect of website design.  It takes a programmer to understand the higher-level functions available to SEO.  Rich Snippets are a great example of SEO technology that the average and sub-average web developers will just ignore.  Ignoring rich snippets is possibly a fatal flaw for a web developer.  The desire to cut time and stay under budget causes many a web developer to skip Rich Snippets, this just may kill the future growth of the website.

If you are not sure about Rich Snippets for SEO strategy, then please read our page that describes the importance of SEO strategy and Rich Snippets.


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