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At Solution39 we are technical professionals.

We develop software, apps, and websites. We know what tech professionals struggle with every day. We all want to make a difference. We are not gifted with celebrity because we are good at sports. We are the geeks of the world and this is our time to shine. This is the Technology Era and it was made for technology professionals seeking to transform or better yet DISRUPT the status quo.

So how best to get your technical skills up to speed than to work for the very best technology providers?  Apply to today to join a network of technology experts who work together for one common goal.

We provide information technology solutions that work in today’s high-tech arena.

Whether you are working for Solution39 Corp. or one of our clients, we guarantee you will always be appreciated as part of an expert group of technology providers. We would like to be here every step of the way as your technology career progresses. And by working with Solution39 we will always fight for your highest salary because if you make more, we make more. We get it. We invest in our talent because at we know we could never exist without the very best technical talent working with us to solve the I.T. problems in a competitive technical employment market.

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Contact us now 844.484.4420 to discuss your next career move.

Or feel free to send us your resume using the link provided.

We will contact you prior to any resume submissions to discuss the opportunity in detail and to get your approval.

Once submitted to the client, we are your secret weapon as we guide you through the interview process at each step we help you prepare for the next hurdle. When we get to the offer for employment – this is where a tech recruiter earns their keep. We fight for the HIGHEST possible salary. You will not look greedy or argumentative. Our client understands we have a job to do. We are neutral in the process but we demand top pay for our technical candidates because they are in fact worthy of the compensation.


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