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The process begins with you, the customer detailing the technical requirement. Then we take it from there.

As your technical recruiter we identify candidates through our in house database, online databases, search queries on search engines, and through our vast network of referrals. We also do online advertising that draws tech candidates to our website.

When the resume is received the technical recruiter goes through a screening process making sure the candidate has job longevity, no unexplained gaps in performance, and that they possess the skill sets depicted on their resume. At we can take it one step further by asking intimate details about previous technology projects and HOW they used the technology claimed on their resume. Finally, we offer our tech candidates a technical proficiency test to verify key skill levels. Our candidates will be an exact match.

We are aware that because customers pay a high premium for our technical recruiting anomalies are unacceptable.

If they do not have job longevity, the candidate is no longer considered. If they have unexplained gaps in performance they are also no longer considered. And, if they do not have strong communication skills the candidate is not considered for the position.

If your job requirements are not evident on the resume, we get back to the candidate and go into further detail to identify they have the right skills for your position, then request a more complete write-up from the candidate explaining their background.

If there is any reason to believe the candidate is not a perfect fit, but is close, we hang onto their resume and continue searching. We do not submit potential candidates, only candidates that we are 100% sure about. After further searching, if we do not find a closer match, we may discuss a close to perfect fit with you over the phone.

Candidates’ resumes are delivered to you usually within a few days. If your requirement is urgent, i.e. you need a consultant to start tomorrow our technical recruiter will do their best to accommodate you. It is our goal to provide you with “the right fit”. Therefore, you will not receive a slew of resumes from us, only a dedicated few. Each customer’s requirement is unique. We strive to isolate your uniqueness and provide candidates that are an “exact fit” from within the same industry.

Contract assignments range from a few weeks to several months. We accommodate for any time frame. Whether you need one technical consultant or several to fulfill your project needs we will accommodate your requirements.

At our technical candidates range from a few years’ experience, Jr level to 7 years, mid-level and10+ years, senior level (executive management level) experienced professionals, CTO, CIO and any C-Level or Management position.

Solution39 is a technical recruiting firm.

At our passion is locating technical professionals in Software Engineering, Software Development, Hardware Engineering, Web Development, Shopping Cart Development, CMS, LMS, Computer Networking, and Information Technology Support to Phoenix, AZ and Southern California.

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Solution39, technical staffing provides consulting and full-time engineers and programmers including software development, software test, information services and design engineering to California companies.

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