Solution39-porfolio develops cutting edge websites that are developed using WordPress and our proprietary blend of WordPress Plugins.

Our well-chosen plugins maximize website security and provide peace of mind by automating website backup and maintenance. We also integrate well-known plugins such as MailChimp. This invaluable email marketing plugin is available for FREE to anyone who operates a WordPress Website.

Once we have an awesome digital representation of your company brand promoted on your new website, then the hard work of Social Networking begins. We revamp all social media accounts to have a new graphical appearance. We then drive all social media campaigns which should always include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Be smart and do not overdue social media accounts by creating too many different types. Stick to 3-5 social media accounts when building your company brand.

You should have no less than 2K (2 thousand) twitter followers. You must engage daily by following new twitter accounts, and by tweeting. Some of the tweeting can be automated, but not all. The personal touch is required in social media marketing. So always make sure at least one person in the company is dedicated to producing new content via social media.

Never underestimate the power of a well-built WordPress website when combined with the right plugins. Always take advantage of any opportunity to view analytic and statistical reports when provided by the StatCounter Plugin. This powerful free tool allows the webmaster to see every last detail about all website traffic and downloads.

It is very easy to see such things as bounce rate, search engine wars, I.P. Address, OS used, Network Internet Provider, website visitor paths, website visitor purchases, website visitor downloads and more.  We encourage every website in our portfolio to take all security precautions possible to include SSL Certificates, HTTPS, Website Firewall and Security Sweep Software – provided by the web host.

We take website function and security very seriously. Information Technology Solutions That Work!
Some of our client websites include:

We specialize in building online educational websites and online nonprofit fundraising websites as you can see by visiting some of our recent clients above. We would be more than happy to discuss how your educational system or nonprofit may benefit from harnessing the technological power of the internet to raise funds on a new level.
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