SEO (structured data) How to Outrank the Competition

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SEO (structured data) How to Outrank the Competition

At Solution39 we take web development and SEO very seriously. We went to the leader in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for training and certification in WordPress SEO and Structured Data.

We know the key to a successful website resides in building a masterpiece of art called Search Engine Optimization. No, it is not the Mona Lisa, but it does require a certain level of knowledge and skill in order to develop a winning SEO strategy. successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress course!                     successfully completed the Structured data course!

Most SEO consultants will treat you like a number and ask you to fill out a form.

At Solution39 we use a telephone to get to know you. If you do not have time for us, we understand and we are happy to email a form over. But if you prefer a phone call to get to know your SEO strategy development needs, then go ahead and call us. We are here to help.

Once we begin a working relationship together, here is how we like to proceed…

SEO Consultancy consists of 4 stages below:

Stage 1: Intake
Stage 2: Keyword research
Stage 3: On-site analysis
Stage 4: Support

Stage 1:  Intake

At Solution39 we make sure your company’s SEO profile is clearly defined by our question and answer session. No, we do not send you an intake form and say, “fill it out” like most SEO experts. To us you are a person, so we speak on the phone to better understand your goals, interests and from there we provide you with a free keyword analysis with no strings attached.

Stage 2:  Keyword Research Implementation

Keyword research and develop your SEO profile which includes the market analysis of the keywords chosen, and how to best achieve a number one keyword rank on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

We then take it one step further by adding Rich Snippets and developing your site using JSON-LD scripting so it quickly communicates with search engines with enhanced search results imbedded into the code.

Stage 3:  On-site analysis

Once we have the keywords nailed down it is time to go to work. We go through every single web page on your website. We do not skip a single step in our proprietary settings used in WordPress and YOAST SEO. We set up every page perfectly with tags, categories, keywords, meta keywords, JSON-ld SEO Structured Data, and more.

Stage 4:  Support

Once we have your website ranking on page 1 or page 2 of the top 5 search engines you will need ongoing development and support to keep the ranking. We suggest implementing JSON-ld SEO Structured Data on every single product your website offers.

If you think only the big boys worry about structured data… think again because your competitors drive website traffic using enhanced search results. This is only achieved using JSON-LD scripting and This is how you get to #1.

It is tedious and difficult programming so many product pages using JSON-LD and to build the structured data for each product on a website.  JSON-LD code and rich snippets must be kept current because they are used to promote offers, give coupons, show ratings or reviews, show the image of your choice or video of your choice in the search results on google or bing using Structured Data.  If your web developer or SEO consultant does not know how to implement structured data, then maybe you should call us now.

Contact us today to learn more about how to reach the top of the search engine rankings for your website.

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