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The process begins with you, the customer detailing the technical job requirements.

As your technical partner, we identify software engineers who have the required skills and talent to bring the project to completion on time and within budget.  We build teams of software engineers selecting the top technical talent.  Through our in-house database, online databases, search queries on search engines, and through our vast network of referrals we have built a long standing network of technical professionals.

When the resume is received by a Senior level technical recruiter, the screening process begins ensuring the candidate has job longevity, no unexplained gaps in performance, and most importantly that they possess the skill sets depicted on their resume. We can speak technology. If there is anything unusual about a candidate’s ability to prove programming skills, we will find it before making an interview appointment.

At Solution39.com we can take it one step further.

We start by asking intimate details about previous technology projects and HOW they used the technology claimed on their resume. Finally, we offer our tech candidates a technical proficiency test to verify key programming skill levels. Our candidates will be an exact match because we take the time to ensure it.

We are aware that because clients pay a premium for our technical outsourcing and technical recruiting services, a close fit is unacceptable. We offer a 30 day net for payment terms and if for any reason the candidate does not work out, we will replace the candidate (within the first 30 days of employment).

At Solution39.com we provide perfect matches for your tech job openings.

Whether you want us to build a team of software developers and build your tech project using your specifications, or whether you need us to build a team of tech professionals for your company, either way we have you covered.

We can assemble the team and deliver your project or we can assist you in assembling a team of programmers for your in-house project.  We are here to help.  A typical technical candidate may range from tech pros with 3 years programming experience to Jr level (7 years programming experience), mid-level (10+ years programming experience),  senior level experienced professionals, CTO, CIO and any C-Level or any Executive Management position.

Solution39 is a technical recruiting firm.

We locate top tech talent by sourcing technical professionals in Software Engineering, Software Development, Hardware Engineering, Web Development, Shopping Cart Development, CMS, LMS, SEO, JSON-LD, Mobile Apps, and Computer Networking. Our focus is to provide candidates in Charlotte, NC (and triad), Phoenix, AZ, Austin, TX, Houston TX, and Southern California because these locations are recognized for having high tech industries in need of technical professionals.

Solution39 provides technology outsourcing services for corporate clients.

Our HelpDesk is available to provide support via telephone, email and remote access via secure VPN. We provide Network Monitoring, Website Management, Website Updating, Backup / Restore solutions, SEO Ranking, Web Marketing, I.T. Security Sweeps and Network Management tools that will keep your computers performing at their best.

Computer consultants at Solution39.com offer a wide variety of proven computer and network consulting techniques for every size business. Our computer consulting experience includes the most current Technology Outsourcing Services.

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Solution39 would like to be your Information Technology provider!

Solution39.com provides website consulting, technical networking solutions and technical staffing services. If you are in need of technology consulting OR if you need a full-time software engineer or programmer to perform software development, software test, analytical or statistical services, web design, or software engineering, or mobile app development, then contact us today. We hire technical professionals for positions anywhere in the United States. Please see our Tech Job Board for your dream tech job.

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