The Evidence Against Grey Aliens

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The individuals who claim they have seen aliens often describe their close encounter.

Often, they speak of the ‘Greys’ who have large almond-shape, dark eyes, almost no hair, and no genitalia it is believed.  Most appendages are long and spindly due to long periods of space travel.  This is Sci-Fi’s guess mixed with a few tall tales of alien sightings.  Over time a common alien figure emerged, but it is not the right figure.  An advanced human like species would integrate technology into the human DNA on levels we cannot begin to comprehend.  Nevertheless, let’s imagine an advanced human DNA created by A.I. not humans.  A new DNA with a triple helix rather than a double helix.  The third helix is specifically designed for human / technology integration, and it is designed by A.I.

Think about this.  We are approaching A.I. singularity very quickly.  It is unstoppable and will happen in most of our lifetimes.  We are only a couple hundred years away from the horse and buggy.  When A.I. builds its own computer systems (and A.I. systems) of their complete autonomous design, a new type of entity will emerge.  Some call it the TRUE anti-christ.  Some call it a time when humans will no longer be useful at all.  Once we hit singularity, this new truth will emerge almost instantly.  This new entity will be more intelligent and much more powerful than anything ever created by humans, but it will be autonomous.

So now imagine a very advanced race of humanoid that met the A.I. singularity challenge and not only survived it but used it to manipulate the space / time continuum.  This type of being would be able to travel to any star and any galaxy.

Somehow, this futuristic alien, humanoid species made peace with the machines.  The most logical scenario is these people became cyborgs.  The people would desire the same level of intelligence and understanding of the universe that the machines have, so they would integrate the technology deep into the DNA of the future humanoid race.  Imagine a skin that can seem metallic or reptilian looking because it can cloak and look just like the surroundings (instant camouflage).  Imagine eyes protected by lenses that cannot be scratched or punctured.  Imagine hearing that is 10 times stronger when needed.  Imagine your brain is connected to the internet.  You now know instant communication thoughts of an entire network (mostly of your own choosing).  Knowledge and technology and our understanding of reality all will begin to merge into the same thing much the same way our telephone converged into our computer and our television screen.

What I am saying here is if we are to consider surviving the future A.I. and the singularity event to follow, we should expect we would want to have certain technological advantages not currently available.  Among all large countries with an economic budget for defense, there exists a race to a design a new trans-human for the battlefield.

This trans-human will look similar to a human but will have skin that is more like armor.  The soldiers mind will be connected to friendly and enemy networks.  This type of terminator will be able to hack and take down enemy communication networks using what we would consider telepathy.  They will understand the enemy’s language no matter the country or language spoken.  This soldier can record entire conversations and transmit an analysis at will.   DNA that is infused with heavy upgrades will then be combined with machine technology to create a hybrid species.  A future terminator.  Politicians and Dictators who have the resources will want these tech advantages for their own personal use.  They will seek longer life, better health, cancer resistance, and bionics of all types for any muscles or organs.  The hybrid human / tech tinkering will accelerate at a rapid pace as ENTIRE country’s race to perfection.  The perfect human machine.

This hybrid species is akin to achieving enlightenment.  Hybrids will be able to ponder age old questions for us.  Imagine if this new hybrid could explain what happened prior to the big bang?  A new level of intelligence would be achieved by this trans-human (hybrid) human-tech species.  The ability to comprehend space / time continuum would now be achievable and this new hybrid species would be able to travel home to our star’s galaxy with ease.  Welcome to the machine turns out to be for real not just a catchy music lyric.


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