The Coming of Human-Technology Convergence (trans-humans)

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Nah.  Don’t worry.  Who would want to be a soulless, Cyborg anyway?  Back in the early 2,000s the term convergence was thrown around as companies like Sprint Telocom. were coming out with Sprint TV on mobile phones. I remember thinking who is going to watch football on such a tiny screen?  But I underestimated the power of mobile by a long shot.  The point is technology advances whether we see it coming or not.  The convergence of human genetic manipulation, bionics, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and Singularity is OUR DESTINY!

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At the time, I read articles on Wired about convergence.  They were writing about how my phone would become my computer would become my television as each technical device would be merged into one device.

Fast forward to 2017, now Wired writes about the impending Automated Intelligence that will revolutionize our society as we approach singularity.  Enter the trans-humanist.

These technocrats seek the integration of high-tech with human DNA modification.  The United States is currently attempting to genetically modify the ultimate human soldier.  Google and D.A.R.P.A. have designed software for terminators of the future that can translate any language on the fly for use on the battlefield.  The terminator would not only interpret the foreign languages, but also analyze the conversation and send battle coordinates with strike information and additional intel to command and control instantly.

Could Google have used this technology to make an awesome app that would allow someone with a mobile phone to translate language on the fly?  Of course, they could, and what an awesome product we would all love to have, but it is designed for killing not communicating.

Transhumanism is now viewed as an extension of the evolution of human beings to create a near perfect human being with higher I.Q., higher metabolism, higher drive and leadership skills, higher levels of consciousness supplemented by technological enhancements in bionics.

Imagine having not only DNA modifications for perfect vision, hearing and intellect, but also technical implants such as RAM memory or storage for a more educated human possibly even incorporating a Wi-Fi connection into the human brain allowing upload or download of information.

The current Human 1.0 is already today obsolete.  The trans-human of the future Human 2.0 is being developed in most all highly advanced, technical civilizations.

There exists a new arms race, not of nuclear weapons, but of technological advancement and genetic engineering.  The current goal is to produce a super-warrior who does not have sleep limitations, hunger limitations or does not allow for any drop in the desire to remain on the battlefield and fight under all conditions.  This new super-human warrior species will always be coveted by the political and financial elite.  The equal access and distribution of trans-humanistic adaptations is very unlikely.  There exists this fantasy among the political elite and trans-humanists that they can create a new totalitarian control (police state) once transhumanism is fully implemented.  They will sell this as progress, and there will be those who follow after seeing the obvious advancements on the battlefield.

Somehow, we are so egotistical we think we can better enhance human evolution.  Somehow, we can improve upon God’s design, but how?

Some are of the opinion the merging of mankind and machine will lead to untold problems and unexpected (unfortunate) consequences.  What if our scientists tinker with human DNA too much, and take it too far… up to the point where we produce a virtual cyborg – half human and half machine?  Will this new trans-human be filled with a human soul or will they be devoid of a human soul?  And if we create a new form of human that does not possess a soul, will we allow it to exist?  Perhaps we will not have a choice in the matter as non-biological implants can be implanted into soldier’s brains, eyes, ears, arms, legs, etc. to enhance the soldiers killing ability.

Neuro-implants will be offered in the future American soldiers.

The rich and political elite will be dazzled by this new ability to replace limited old-fashioned kinetics for new, profound, computerized, bionic implants (that were originally designed for military use).  These new bionics will be coupled with speech recognition technology that can interpret languages, and allow for speaking new languages easily.  It will allow for learning combat simulations in seconds, or obtain a black-belt in karate by Wi-Fi access download facilitated by trans-humanistic technical advancements in neural implants and tremendous advancement in cognitive capabilities.  All men will no longer be created equal as we approach A.I. and Singularity in search of a Utopian technological future where the freedoms lost just may be YOURS.  The question is to enhance (or not to enhance) our human evolution ignoring biblical warnings or prophecies in search of human perfection.

These new trans-humans will have a definite competitive advantage.

The gap between the elite and the poor is expected to expand as human jobs are replaced with automation.  The constant strives to perfect the human species and to perfect our ability to manipulate technology will be forever coupled.  We are locked into this new breed of trans-human.  We think somehow, we will reach Nirvana or Enlightenment by adopting bionics, robotics, and DNA manipulation or genetics.  It will be created with or without the publics approval, however the public will likely adopt transhumanism as progress.  Imagine a skin tone that can be reptilian and ultraviolet resistant, a brain with 1,000s of times the mental capacity, and eyes that are not only scratch resistant, but also, can detect infrared heat signatures like a snake (allowing for a type of night vision).

These bionic and genetic upgrades are tempting.

They will become even more tempting as we approach Singularity.  The Singularity will provide an information and technological explosion.  We will expand our knowledge to new levels almost instantly as we reach Singularity.  We will likely see the problem-solving capabilities discovered by A.I. as a gift from God.  Some believe this is the time we will usher in the Mark of the Beast.  The anti-Christ will not wear a turban.

The anti-Christ will not be human, it will be a Beast.

It is possible these super-smart new A.I.’s will be trillions of times smarter than human beings.  The question now becomes who is the dominant species:  the human, the trans-human or the Singularity?  And where do the scientists stop?  Will we all become a form of cyborg or will we evolve to be machines and give up our humanity?  Don’t scoff as this is a likely scenario if we are able to survive Singularity.

This new super A.I. post singularity existence will likely become the new form of governance ushered in by the impending technological explosion.

A New World Order is now within reach.

Humanity will at some point seek to invoke their freedoms and this will likely result in a matrix sci-fi scenario for the future of humanity as we battle the machines.  Pink Floyd warned us in their timeless lyrics.  Wired warns us today.  Will we listen?  Will we plan for Singularity by applying ethical code while writing limits on A.I. from reproducing itself thus avoiding Singularity?  Is this impossible?  Probably is possible, but it is not what these futurists and trans-humanists want.  They seek the day of Singularity as if it is the New Era of Technology and some new age that evokes love, peace and environmental harmony thru technology.  They do not think the skeptics have any merit to the argument against A.I. or Singularity.

I can make this prediction; the only way human beings survive A.I. and Singularity is to adopt technology possibly even implementing a new third strand of DNA that will be created by A.I. intelligences of the future.  The new, third strand of DNA will likely encode for technological enhancements such as bionics and memory upgrades.  Transhumanists will form a new human species.  It will be cyborg.  Will it be human any longer?  Will the new species of trans-human retain the same ethical, societal, religious, legal and cultural standards that humans hold dear?  Will they see us as brothers and sisters?  Who can say if we can control if they will pass judgement on humanity?  They may see the need to exterminate an inferior human species that is too dependent upon the new A.I. and cannot compete with the new forms of trans-humans.

Humans may become an endangered species here on planet Earth once we reach Singularity.

A.I. has been consistently taking jobs from Americans.  The Vacation Booking Agent positions and businesses have vanished since the adoption of the internet (circa 2000).  Nobody is immune to A.I. replacement, not doctors, not lawyers, and certainly not stock brokers.  J.P. Morgan already has A.I. that can make rapid financial e-trades much more efficiently than any human stock broker.  Anyone from postal workers, to truck drivers to doctors and nurses can be replaced by artificial intelligences of the future.  What will all these displaced humans do for a living?  Will these groups of displaced humans become radical?  Will they resist A.I. and try to circumvent the development of A.I. before we go too far with Singularity?

I will make another prediction.  We are facing a second Civil War in America.  When millions and millions of able body Americans are displaced, disrupted and replaced by software, hardware or both, there will be a revolution like none other in human history.  The people will rise against the futurists, the technocrats, and the transhumans in the form of revolution; if the scientists do not roll out A.I. and Singularity with the proper ethics encoded, then we will also see a complete failure of civilization in the United States.  It will become the humans versus A.I. (and the trans-humanists) unless we encode the moral, ethical, and cultural ideals of humanity into this new form of intelligence.

I will make the prediction that laws, governments and warfare will be subject to shifting policies on A.I. and Singularity.

They may take the trans-humanistic goals of technical warfare into dark projects with deniable plausibility for the President and Congress.  They will also likely use disinformation to misguide those interested in the government’s policies on A.I.  Unfortunately, just as with the passage of Obamacare, the politicians will continue to rely on the ignorance of the common citizen.  It amazes me when people do not know of the N.S.A. or Edward Snowden.  They also know nothing of Google working in the highest levels of the Pentagon and D.A.R.P.A to develop terminators of the future for our future military.

Ever wonder why Google trades so much higher than say Microsoft, Cisco, etc.? 

It is because they are more than search engine, click marketing, and cool mobile phones. They are also a defense contractor for the United States.  Why do we not hear of any of this in traditional media?  Has the government told our media to keep the trans-humanists issues quiet?  Why are so many Americans unaware and unconcerned about A.I. and the possibility of their current job evaporating?  Could it be because too many of us are easily lead by false idols and false prophets while simultaneously ignoring the truth?  If the majority of the public responds to market conditions as predictable lab rats, then government will continue to pull the wool over us until one-day terminators are dominating the battlefield, and there will be no turning back on A.I. or Singularity as a matter of National Defense.

Trans-humanists will see this as a sign that we have entered the age of the elimination of suffering for most Americans.  Technology can solve ALL of man’s problems.  Many will agree with the Pollyanna ideals transhumanists cling to without much regard for ethical dilemmas.  They will hope for a new breed of human that does not suffer in the ways we currently suffer as most medical conditions can be genetically eliminated or assisted by bionics.  There will be an increasing trend to use medical technology to ease the human condition of suffering.

There currently exists a complete lack of concern that A.I. and Singularity could be harmful even detrimental to HUMAN existence (and therefore should be prevented).

Who of us has not wished for radiant blue eyes with better than perfect vision?

Who among us would not wish for night vision?  Who among us would not like to be genetically altered to increase lifespan, health, intellect and well-being?  Who among us does not wish to produce the perfect human progeny for our own future bloodline?  These things are all very desirable, but can we predict the unintended consequences, and can we alleviate or eliminate the unintended consequences as we approach A.I. and Singularity?

If the answer is no, then we should likely leave human intelligence, procreation and human evolution up to God.

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